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YOUR Beer, My Equipment

Houston's first dedicated small batch on-premise brewery. All-electric. All-grain. Indoor. Efficient. Just the way you like it.

About Brew Your Own Beer - BYOB

I started this business with one goal in mind; Bring the brew on-premise service to everyone and show people how much fun and rewarding brewing can be. Whether you are a craft beer enthusiast, beginner home brewer, a seasoned home brewer, or just someone who wants to learn the process without the upfront costs of equipment. You can make your very own delicious craft beer to share with friends and family. If you fit into any of those categories then this if for you! Have you ever wanted to make your own beer? Maybe for a special occasion like a birthday gift, a wedding, or a party? Or let's face it, maybe you wish to keep it all to yourself. No problem! If so then I can help you! This is not Karbach or St. Arnold where you might go spend a day and watch brewers craft a 100 bbl batch without truly feeling like you understand the details. We will brew on industry standard equipment but on a much smaller scale while learning about the brewing process along the way. 
I offer a personalized approach to each customer. I will walk you through the entire brewing process one step at a time from strike to pitch. This is not some boring brewing 101 class where you are talked at all day and when you leave you are left with a bunch of unanswered questions or a foggy sense about what the brewing process really entails. For about the same price, not only will you walk away with brewing knowledge and a great experience, you will have crafted your very own 5 or 10 gallon batch of craft beer! 
What are you waiting for? Book online with me today!

Opening Hours

Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 10am - 4pm

Contact Us

Houston TX United States 77058


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