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About Me

My Craft Beer Journey

At Brew Your Own Beer - BYOB we don’t just brew beer, we craft high quality beer with passion. I made my very first home brew back in 2002 starting out like most home brewers. I walked out of the local home brewing shop in Bremerton, WA (Olympic Brewing) with a starter kit, some extract, hops and yeast and away I went. Along the way I have honed my skills in the brewing process and have advanced into all-grain, all-electric brewing. 


My wife and I have been very fortunate to have lived in some pretty cool places before settling down in Texas; San Diego, CA, Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, and Denver/Boulder, CO. And yes these are all craft beer meccas!


At BYOB, we utilize an advanced single-tier, all-electric heat exchanging, recirculating mash system (H.E.R.M.S.), all-grain brewing system. So what does all that mean? Well, in Texas that means we can brew beer in a climate controlled space and be comfortable in the summer heat! That's right, no more sweating over a hot burner for hours and hours in the garage, and no more tying up the kitchen stove with kettles and other equipment. We brew in a dedicated space just for brewing! More information about the equipment can be found on the equipment page.


Am I a professional brew master? No, not even by a long shot? Will I ever be? No, not likely but that doesn't matter to me nor should it matter to you. We can brew fantastic, great tasting beer together and the best part is that when it's ready to drink, it's all yours for the taking! My goal and commitment to you is to provide a no-hassle, stress-free and enjoyable brewing experience. Each session is fully customizable; get as much or as little hands-on as you feel comfortable. I will make sure you get it right. And one of the best parts is that I will take care of all of the super intensive and tedious cleaning and sanitizing of the equipment before and after! When you show up to brew, the strike water is up to temperature, and we're ready for a short explanation of the process and a go for dough-in!


To learn more, keep browsing through our site or call or email for more details.


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