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The Equipment

Brewing Control Panel

The control panel provides the temperature control and electrical power to the HLT tank, heating element and HLT pump. The control panel monitors and controls temperature with the use of a proportional integral derivative controller (P.I.D.)

Mash Tun

The mash tun is the vessel used in the mashing process to convert the starches in crushed grains into sugars for fermentation. Our mash tun is connected to a pump which is recirculating the mash through the HLT HERMS coil. The mash tun also includes a false bottom.

Hot Liquor Tank (HLT)

The HLT is the vessel where the brewing water is heated to mash temperature. The HLT is also where brewing salts are added to the source water. We also utilize the HLT for sparge water. At BYOB we utilize a hot liquor tank with the addition of a heat exchange recirculating coil HERMS for the mash tun. Our HLT is heated with a 4500 watt electric element .

Wort Chiller

The wort chiller passes cold water in one direction while the hot wort passes in the opposite direction in a counter-flow fashion. Using an ice water bath, the wort is quickly cooled from a boil to pitching temperature in less than 20 minutes.

Brew Kettle

After mashing is complete, the sweet wort is then transferred to the brew kettle via pump where the wort and hops are boiled together. Our Brew kettle is directly heated with an electric element.


The fermenter is the vessel used to contain the wort which will eventually become beer. The wort is transferred to the fermenter, the yeast is added and the airlock is attached. 

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